9th IEEE International Workshop on Projector–Camera Systems

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Check out the new fast review cycle rules


Call for Papers

PROCAMS 2012 invites technical paper submissions on the topics listed below. A best paper award will be given to the top technical paper selected by the program committee. This year’s workshop places emphasis on (but is not limited to) all technical, systems, and theoretical aspects related to projector-camera (light source/sensing) systems used in the following areas:

Scene Capture
Structured light for scene capture
Computational illumination
3D geometry, reflectance, and motion capture
Projector-based display systems
Geometric and radiometric calibration
Augmentation and Interaction
Spatially augmented reality
User interface and novel applications
Personal/pocket projectors
Mobile phone projector systems
Optical Communication
Data transfer via projector-camera systems
Pattern coding
Art and Aesthetics
Projector-based art
Controllable ambient lighting
Applications of Projector Camera Systems
Description and characterization of systems in use today in advanced projector- camera research as per above.

Technical Papers

Submissions can be up to 8 pages in length (papers above 6 pages have to pay the fee charged by CVPR for extar pages) prepared in the PROCAMS format. The submission and review process is double blind.

Include supplemental pictures and/or video if appropriate and possible. Videos should be in a common format, e.g., MPEG-1, MPEG-4, XviD, or DivX.


Fast Review Cycle

This year there will be the possibility of submitting papers for a fast review cycle. Papers that qualify must have been under submission elsewhere during the first deadline, and the PROCAMS submission must contain the previous reviews, rebuttals, and a description of how required changes have been addressed in the PROCAMS submissions.

The detailed rules are as follows:

A) If you have something that you can submit by the first deadline, you need to submit by the paper deadline (March 18th).

B) If you have a paper in the submission process somewhere else (journal, conference, ...) at the original deadline so you cannot submit it because of double submission, but it becomes available for submission by the second deadline (April 3rd), we can accept those for an accelerated review cycle. We do not expect many such submissions, and every such submission needs to make clear where it was previously submitted, prove that it was still in the review cycle during the first deadline, and provide all the reviews, rebuttals, etc., as well as how they have been taken into account when re-submitting to PROCAMS. In this case, please provide a letter including the information requested above as supplemental material.

Paper Submission deadline: March 18, 2012 (23:59 PST)
Submission for Fast Review Cycle deadline: April 03, 2012 (23:59 PST) read requirements carefully!
Paper Reviews due: April 19, 2012
Paper Acceptance notification: April 22, 2012
Final Manuscripts: May 1, 2012 (23:59 PST)
Workshop Date: June 17th, 2012


Best paper:
ARmy: A Study of Multi-User Interaction in Spatially Augmented Games
Andrew Dolce, Joshua Nasman, and Barbara Cutler

Honorable mention:

Shading Illusion : A Novel Way for 3-D Representation on the Paper Media
Toshiyuki Amano

Single Lens Off-Chip Cellphone Microscopy
Aydin Arpa, Gordon Wetzstein, Douglas Lanman, and Ramesh Raskar


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